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Catnip Body Pillows
organic, 11 inches long


catnip body pillows

cat body pillow

Don't be fooled by the cheap knockoffs. These are the Original Catnip Body Pillows. The inventor's husband laughed at the product at first -- until he saw his cat rolling across the floor with the pillow in loving embrace. Now the husband and wife work together. We at Love That Cat Store have reviewed scads of catnip toys -- and so have our cats -- and we think this is the best catnip toy available today.

Each pillow is about 11 inches long by 3 inches wide -- perfect for kicking, tumbling, and licking. The cover is strong upholstery fabric. Each pillow is filled with organic and powerful catnip -- 3/4 cup. The other stuffing inside is also cat safe. These pillows are our cats' absolute favorite catnip toys! Assorted fabrics (we choose).
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TWO catnip body pillows  $13.50 plus 3.95 shipping

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