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Cat Furniture
We have 25 cat furniture styles, many color selections,
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cat furniture big Cat furniture is big at low prices.
SPECIAL SALE PRICES. Cat trees models 5801 to 8201 offer big accommodations and lovely features at surprising prices.
Prices start at $93 including shipping!
These cat furniture designs are special fun for cats, and they look wonderful, too.
cat furniture, cool Cat Furniture in a choice of cat tree colors and in a style that makes cats happy. Wood construction. 

kitty furniture

This cat furniture of exceptional quality delights cats. Beautifully made, with solid pine wood poles and high quality carpet covering the entire cat furniture tree. Seven carpet colors to choose and it gives complete comfort and exercise. $190

kitty furniture

Cat furniture of top quality with fun beds and cradle lounges has carpeting all over in your choice of carpet. $182 Made by experts, this strong furniture is delivered fully assembled. This model has solid pine wood poles (choose bare wood or carpet covered, plus sisal), round beds plus large curved cradle lounges, and choice of carpet colors.

cat trees

. Affordable luxury and beautifully made. All structure is solid wood and posts are 4 x 4 solid wood. Sisal wrapped scratching surfaces included. Models AA to DD.

cat tree

Cat furniture Models AA to DD are elegant with four color choices. $149 to 179. Made from solid wood, including solid wood 4 x 4 inch posts. These models are wonderful for cats and affordable. Made by experts for exceptional quality. Sisal posts included.

cat furniture

Cat Furniture, wood chest, cat litter box cover is available with a choice of unfinished wood, clear finish, or one of several wood stain colors, and it's beautifully made. This is real cat furniture, with looks that suit any room. Starting at $165.

cat scratching post

Solid wood cat scratching post is tall, all-natural cedar, and beautiful. Cats love to dig their claws into this gorgeous wood. $48.95

cat furniture

Cat furniture has low prices and gives great enjoyment.

cat cedar furniture

Cat Furniture for Outdoors, Cedar House is all natural and provides real protection, with a lounging deck, too. Made of beautiful, durable, long lasting cedar, the wood of choice.   Several styles and insulation available. Starting at $106 plus shipping.

cat furniture

Cat furniture playhouse is hollow inside and carpeted inside and out. Great snoozing, hiding, and play opportunities. 30 in. tall, 20 in. diameter. Choose from 7 carpet colors. $139 includes shipping!

cat furniture archipod

Cat furniture by elizabeth paige smith is called Archipod because of its architectural form and its comfort. Handcrafted of corrugated three-ply cardboard and maple wood, this cat furniture gives unusual play and scratching opportunities and unique perches for kitty cats to sleep or watch the world. 35" high x 27" wide x 16" deep.

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